Eligibility Requirements

To apply for a ThinkSwiss Scholarship you must:

  • currently be enrolled at an accredited U.S. or Canadian university/college,
  • be a graduate student or an undergraduate student who will have completed their sophomore year by the time the research stay in Switzerland begins, and
  • Provide a written confirmation from a professor at a Swiss university that they will accept you for a research stay in their group.

Application for ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship 2022

IMPORTANT: We are currently experiencing problems with the online contact form. Please send us an email to washington.science@eda.admin.ch if you have already submitted your application via the online contact form or as soon as you have submitted your application for ThinkSwiss 2022. Thank you!
In order to apply, please fill out the contact form below and upload all supporting documents in PDF format by January 15, 2022. In order to be considered for this scholarship, each application must contain:
  1. The completed application online form
  2. A research project outline (e.g. an overview of the tasks and milestones of your project that you agreed on with your host professor, max. 2 pages)
  3. A letter of motivation/explanation of why you should be awarded the ThinkSwiss Research Scholarship, why you would make an excellent “student ambassador” in the future, and why you choose Switzerland as your research destination (please keep this within 2 pages)
  4. A CV (no more than two pages)
  5. A copy of your current university transcripts and diplomas (if applicable)
  6. A letter of acceptance from the host professor and/or hosting institution in Switzerland (we expect this letter to highlight the relevance of your research)
  7. A letter of recommendation from a current professor who can attest to the applicant’s abilities

For further questions please contact washington.science@eda.admin.ch. Note: January 15, 2022, is the final deadline. We cannot review applications submitted after the deadline.

After you have successfully submitted your application, you will receive an automated email response confirming your submission. In any case, please send us an email to washington.science@eda.admin.ch to inform us about your submission. 

Please allow us a couple of days to contact you personally after your submission. If you do not receive an personal email from this office within one week after your submission, please get in touch with us.

We are looking forward to receiving your application!

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